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Top 20 Web Forums: Creationism vs. Evolution

The debate of creationism versus evolution is a tale as old as time (regardless of which history you believe). There’s a fine line between debating and just plain arguing, but these blogs do a fantastic job of explaining their respective beliefs. Keep in mind that religion is never an easy subject, so be prepared for strong opinions and lively comments sections.

Top Creationism Blogs

Creationism is the belief that the universe was created by God. This is usually God in the Christian sense and has such a strong hold in some regions in the U.S. that it prevents evolution from being taught in our public schools.

  1. The New Creationism This is a thought provoking blog because it looks at creationism from a new perspective, implement scientific theories alongside Biblical beliefs. The author is never aggressive, which makes the content worth a read because it just may surprise you.
  2. Old Earth Creationism This blog is a mix of posts and pod casts. At this site you’ll find creationism beliefs and theories, as well as the various ways to implement these into home school lessons for your children.
  3. The American Scientific Association This interesting blog is packed with information Christianity and science and where the two worlds collide. This blog is ideal for those living a Christian lifestyle, but want answers on some of the amazing research and developments in modern science.
  4. Creation Science This blog goes against typical creationism and instead, believes that the planet was created over the course of a billion years by the same Christian God creationists worship. With over 1500 articles, it’s a Christian-based science blog that will keep you busy for hours.
  5. Bible Places This blog studies the history of archeology along with Christianity’s place in the mix. It is a very interesting site, especially for those looking for hard evidence of Biblical landmarks mentioned throughout the Old and New Testaments.
  6. Bible Interp Read about archeological places from the Bible and the gaps that occur between standard Christian beliefs and modern science. Just as the title suggests, it’s all in how you interpret it that will sway you to one side or the other.
  7. The Geo Christian Science and Christianity duke it out at this blog. The blogger’s goal is to show how the two can co-exist, if we can only open our minds. It even breaks down how Christ rose from the dead from a Christian and scientific perspective. Wrap your mind around that!
  8. Wonder of Creation This blogger strongly advocates creationism and gives stunning examples of it all around us. The mix of images and scripture are inspiring and will make you think about Christianity’s roots.
  9. God and Science This blog is packed with reasons for creationism and delves into deeper issues like abortion and common atheist myths. No matter what you believe, the writers of this blog are adamant about their stance and have the scripture and examples to back up their beliefs.

    Top Evolution Blogs

    Evolution blogs are rampant with enthusiastic writers and guests because it’s a subject that’s seldom discussed in public. The Internet gives us a place to air our thoughts and learn the truth behind evolution.

  10. Science Blogs – Evolution Blog This is a fantastic blog for educators and parents to read because it discusses the ongoing debate of evolution and creationism in the classroom. If there’s news about what’s being taught where and why, you’ll find it here first.
  11. Panda’s Thumb There are blogs that preach evolution, but don’t go into detail on how evolution theories and news continue to be released by scientists. This blog talks about new discoveries that prove evolution is true and talks about the origin of many things, including writing and language as we know it today.
  12. The Rough Guide to Evolution Based on a book by the same name, this blog talks about evolution and the wild ride nature took to develop us as human beings. It’s a fantastic read for those who want an approachable look at evolution.
  13. The Beagle Project This site belongs to an evolution charity that’s promoting the scientific facts for a Darwin workshop. We love it because it gives information on Charles Darwin, a man with whom most of us are familiar with his ideas, but not who he was as a person.
  14. Discover Magazine This online science magazine is big on evolution and has a section devoted to human origin. For those already familiar with evolution, this site is a fantastic read because it examines the ever-evolving theories on humans and the brain.
  15. Evolution News Hardcore science lovers will adore this blog that’s chock full of information on evolution and the new theories scientists are proposing. You might be surprised to find out that the discoveries scientists are making with organisms may not exactly support Darwin’s theory.
  16. Evolution Blog Is there a natural order to things? This blog asks the tough questions and gives profiles on scientists and philosophers aside from Darwin. This blog is a must-read for those with scientific backgrounds or an interest in evolution from a historical point of view.
  17. The Tree of Life This blog touches on evolution from a more in-depth place than most science blogs. It also has plenty of other general science news, including fun stuff like the 23 million dollar book on Amazon about bugs.
  18. Evilutionary Biologist This blog isn’t exclusively about evolution, but it talks about organism development in a profound manner that only a scientist can explain. The great thing about the blog is even though a scientist does write it, it’s easy to understand for those of us who are less inclined.
  19. Evolution List This college professor discusses his thoughts on evolution and the constant stream of information coming out of the scientific community that proves it to be true. We especially enjoyed the post over evolution and free will and whether it truly exists.
  20. Why Evolution is True This professor wrote a book by the same name and at his blog shares his thoughts on evolution. He is also an expert at picking apart anti-evolution articles and pointing out the holes that many creationists leave when attempting to explain their beliefs.
  21. No matter what you believe, reading both sides of the coin only makes you a more knowledgeable individual. Respect the beliefs of others and they’ll do the same for you, especially if you have a bit of knowledge on their religion and why they believe the things that they do. The debate of creationism vs. evolution will tread on, but it’s important to keep yourself abreast of any new developments so you’re always in a position to make the best choice for you.

Top 20 Judaism Blogs

Judaism is a major religion with millions of followers all over the world. The traditions and customs in Judaism is deep-rooted in history. Most of these Jewish blogs cover the religion from an Orthodox point of view, since this is a great starting point for those beginning to explore this belief system.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About Judaism

If you’re looking for how to bake the perfect challah or how to properly observe a Jewish holiday, these blogs give you the 101 on Judaism.

  1. About Judaism For those who want a look at Jewish beliefs and customs, this About blog is a fantastic place to start. The blogger goes over the basics, plus provides an in-depth look at the food and holidays in the Jewish culture.
  2. Something Jewish This Jewish blog discusses education on Jewish culture and has ample sections over how to meet fellow Jewish singles and tips for cooking kosher for your family. There are also links to Jewish festivals and activities in the UK.
  3. Jewish Leadership Blog At this blog, the writer examines news stories and receives letters from those looking for a Jewish perspective. It is a great blog for those interested in taking a Jewish approach to modern living. This blog is best suited for those who know the basics of Jewish belief because it refers to the Torah and key Jewish figures.
  4. Jewish Heritage Travel Take a look at the holy land through the eyes of this blogger. There’s also a lengthy list of festivals taking place this summer throughout Europe. Sprinkled throughout the blog are also a few history lessons on the Jewish faith.
  5. Joyous Judaism For some holidays, you may need a little help to get your family excited about Jewish traditions. This blog shows you how to interject a little fun into these time-honored traditions and make them feel part of your family in modern life. This is a great blog for Jewish moms or families that have one Jewish parent eager to pass on their heritage.
  6. Yourish This former religious school teacher turned web developer sounds off living as a modern Jewish woman in America. We love the blog because it’s honest and the writer is never afraid to discuss touchy subjects and always does so in an eloquent manner.
  7. Tracing the Tribe This blog focuses on the genealogical side of Judaism. If you’re of Jewish descent and hope to find your roots, this site is the place to be. It’s well-organized and is packed with resources to aide your research.
  8. Jewschool Read how rabbis and Jewish academia is influencing the state of American schools as a whole. This is a great read for Jewish educators or parents looking to implement Jewish lessons into homeschooling.
  9. Jews in Green This blog is dedicated to Jewish men and women serving our country. It also looks at those who’ve served in the military around the globe for the past few decades. There are even tips on cooking kosher when you’re on an army base!

Judaism Culture Blogs and Forums

Get insight on Jewish culture and living from these blogs and forums. If you’re converting or looking to practice Judaism once again, these blogs give you a solid look at the Jewish faith in modern times.

  1. Jewlicious Is being a Jew cool? This blog definitely thinks so and showcases Jew sightings throughout pop culture. If you think Judaism doesn’t get enough air time, this blog will quickly prove you wrong. Judaism Culture Blogs and Forums get insight on Jewish culture and living from these blogs and forums. If you’re converting or looking to practice Judaism once again, these blogs give you a solid look at the Jewish faith in modern times.
  2. Jewish Refugees Over the past 50 years, Jewish people have been shifted around parts of Europe. This blog chronicles that journey and shows the communities that were once full of Jewish traditions. This blog is well-written and is a smart read for those looking to learn about the dark journey of Jewish refugees in recent years.
  3. Jew FAQ For those who are learning about the Jewish faith, this blog provides an endless supply of information if you’re starting from scratch. It talks basic beliefs, holidays, kosher laws and the correct pronunciation of Hebrew words.
  4. Sacred Texts This site gives you the key Jewish texts from the Torah. This site is brilliant because it breaks up lesson and texts according to their complexity. It also shows you which texts are ideal for beginners and has links to modern explanations of ancient words.
  5. J Hate This blog chronicles examples of Jewish hate in the media and beyond, as well as how the crime is dealt with by authorities. It is a must-read for those who aren’t aware of the prejudice that still exists against people of the Jewish faith.
  6. Shamash We love this Jewish blog because it has an extensive list of links that lead you to informative sites over Judaism. Check out the links for finding Jewish organizations in your area if you’re in the United States.
  7. Torah This blog is ideal for those who have a hefty background in Judaism and want to enrich their religions endeavors. Updated numerous times per week, this Jewish blog goes over text, which Jewish laws are upheld by most modern Jews and how to repent.
  8. Belief Net – Judaism This site has a few Jewish blogs within it, giving you the perspective of a mom, a rabbi and more. There’s a quote a day, plus interviews with rabbis over topics like fear and living in the moment.
  9. Aish This Jewish site discusses the history of Judaism in-depth and how those history lessons relate to modern Jews. This blog is worth exploring because it merges the old and the new, reminding us to never forget our history when moving forward with our faith.
  10. Patheos Learn about Jewish rituals in the church and home, the origins of the religion and get a thorough explanation on the Hebrew texts. This site is a fabulous resource for learning about various religions and their content over Judaism goes beyond the basics.
  11. Jewish Wedding Rabbi Get the scoop on everything the traditional Jewish wedding has. From creating the perfect wedding canopy to breaking the glass, this blog is packed with information on the traditions for the typical Jewish wedding.

Learning about Judaism can seem daunting, but like many of the other major religions, it has key principles and practices that will help you get a handle on your busy modern lifestyle. If you’re converting to Judaism or looking to brush up on your history, these blogs provide resources that allow you to learn at your own pace.

Top 20 Hindu Culture Blogs

Hinduism is one of the five major religions, but it embodies a philosophy we can all learn from. Hinduism is the third most popular religion and has over a billion followers in India alone. It isn’t about blocking all negative energy that enters your life. It’s about accepting things for what they are and knowing you’re able to rise to the occasion when the tough times hit. Here are the top blogs for learning about Hindu culture, from weddings to meditation.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About Hinduism

These blogs will teach you the basics of Hinduism and give you insight on this ancient culture.

  1. Hindu Devotional Blog This blog is devoted to Hindu mantras. Whether you already practice this religion or you’re just looking for uplifting quotes that will shift your mind set to a more positive place this blog is for you. It also covers Hindu events and landmarks that those devoted to the religion will enjoy visiting or just learning about.
  2. Hindupad This blog gives you the lowdown on famous poets, temples and the main principles of Hinduism. This blog is a fantastic resource for those who know the 101 on Hinduism and are looking to learn more such as the four Vedas. On the right hand side, you’ll also find a list of Hindu festivals.
  3. About Hinduisum This About blog covers all things Hinduism. This is one of our favorite blogs to learn about Hinduism because the writer has a knack for covering heavy topics (such as whether heaven and hell exist) with ease that lets you contemplate the subject in a fulfilling, never a frightening, way.
  4. Hindu Blog This site gives you a closer look at Hinduism. It talks in-depth about various saints and offers teachings and words of wisdom from some of the most famous gurus. For those who are practicing Hindus, it tells you how to practice fasting and which day of the week belongs to each Hindu god.
  5. Life Giving Mantras Hinduism is all about the mantras. The idea is that the more often you repeat a mantra, the easier it will be for that way of living to become natural for you. This blog has a lengthy supply of mantras that will help you with chants and prayers.
  6. Gyan Rajhans This longtime Internet and radio personality shares his thoughts on Hinduism and gives newbies great insight on some of the principles and philosophies. The topics covered include approaching God as a friend and what it means to be a true friend to another human being, how (and why) to repent and how to get your ego in check in modern society.
  7. Bhajanawali This Vedic webcast has been in production since 1999. Check the archives for loads of information over Hinduism and a plethora of webshows that can be listened to at your leisure. This site is for those who have a solid understanding of Hinduism, as the topics and lingo used advanced for those who only know the basics of the religion.
  8. Dharma Deen The writers at this blog cover Hinduism and the Muslim religion respectively. Comparing the similarities and differences between these two major religions and shows you how to find your path using the best of both worlds. The duo also touch on modern topics such as women studying priesthood and women’s empowerment in Middle Eastern and South Asian socities
  9. Wisdom From Sri Sri Ravi Shankar This guru shares his words of wisdom on everything from happiness to reincarnation. He also talks about the importance of balance and the fine line between letting go of what we can’t control and taking responsibility for the things we can.

Hindu Tradition and Culture Websites

These blogs give a further understanding of the Hindu culture. From the elaborate wedding ceremonies to tips on practicing Hinduism in the Western world, these Hindu culture blogs will give you an insider’s look at the new and old ways of this religion.

  1. Om Etc. This blog focuses on utilizing Hinduism for its philosophy and principles versus worship. This site touches on Vedic astrology, legends and how to start meditating. It also touches on the fusion between some Hidu practices and modern Western living, like yoga.
  2. Western Hindu This blog shows you how to take a Western approach to Hinduism. In the fast-paced world of modern America it can be tough to get a handle on meditating and embracing love and constant positive energy. This blogger shows you how to implement the Hindu philosophy when you’re accustomed to Western living.
  3. The White Hindu This Hindu blog is penned by a Western woman on her journey and chronicles the difficult and easy parts of making the transition. She is married to an Indian man and shares her tips for making God a constant presence in your life using Hindu methods.
  4. The Hindu Blog Since 2008, this site has provided those who hope to learn more about Hinduism with concise blog posts explaining the various gods, gurus and special dates. This is a fantastic resource for those who are starting their journey with Hinduism and want to find out about key figures.
  5. The Hindu If you want a taste of modern Hindu culture in India, this site gives you all of the news straight from the source. This is the online home of the largest newspaper in India and gives you a look at the role of religion in Indian society.
  6. Hinduism Today This site strives to be the voice of the modern Hindu. It talks about the history of Hinduism and upholding the beliefs and values in today’s society. We love this blog because it merges ancient practices with modern practices for a healthy balance.
  7. Hindu Deities Learn about the Hindu deities from the pros. For those looking for a fairly simple explanation on the Hindu deities, this blog is a great resource because it explains things in a way that’s easy to understand even without a hefty background in the religion.
  8. Religion Facts – Hinduism This site gives you a brief, yet informative look at Hinduism. It discusses karma and the purpose of life with extensive sections on each. It also questions the polytheistic qualities of Hinduism.
  9. Mailer India For a thorough look at living life as a Hindu, look to this website. There’s practically a step-by-step for those who are learning about Hinduism for the first time. For those who have been practicing for awhile, it will give you a refresher on how to make live in the moment each day and keep your life balanced.
  10. Wedding Zone A Hindu wedding carries rich tradition and elaborate events. At this blog you’ll learn everything that happens at the classic Hindu wedding ceremony. It’s a series of mantras, symbols and vows that create a loving ceremony the bride and groom will carry for the rest of their lives.
  11. Silent Motion Yoga We love this Hindu blog for it’s personal edge. The blogger is eager to share the principles of Hinduism such as gratitude and specific philosophers that embody the essence of this ancient belief system.

Practicing Hinduism involves feeling the light of one’s self in tune with the light of the planet and God. It is a philosophy that allows love to grow and prosper emotionally, regardless of the difficult times life throws your way. In the Western world, this thought process can be useful as we try our best to keep up with the hustle and bustle of life. These top Hindu culture blogs will show you how to implement the religion into every day modern living.

Called to Write: The Top 50 Seminarian Blogs

A seminary is a school for those interested in theology and in particular for those who plan to speak, teach, or live the word of their respective god. Unlike religious schools that teach many subjects and offer many degrees, seminaries are usually reserved only for those who plan to go into some form of preaching for a church or other form of worship practice Because of this, it is almost impossible for the average person to know what life is like inside one.

However, with the below top 50 seminarian blogs, it is less difficult. Authored by those who have or are in some form of seminary study, you can get an inside look at them like never before. They also include entries by specific seminaries such as Catholic, Mormon, and others.

The Top Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about life inside and outside a seminary with these blogs from those who are or have been there.

    1. Cacoethes scribendi
    This blog is also known as A Seminarian’s Blog, and Cesar stands out for chronicling his first year in the Vancouver Archdiocese. Also a biology student, he loves things one would think a future priest wouldn’t such as movies and video games. Read all about why little things like Febreeze matters and other inside peeks in this blog.

    2. Brandon Withrow
    He is a writer, a religion blogger at The Huffington Post, and Assistant Professor of Historical and Theological Studies at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. He also wrote a book entitled “Katherine Parr: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Reformation Queen.” Entries from The Huffington Post are often shared along with thoughts and musings.

    3. Innerstrife
    The blogger at this site was a divorcee and convicted felon until his life changed in 1997. After counseling fellow Men of the Cloth, he decided to become what he admired and was accepted into Dallas Theological Seminary. For discussing the past, present, and future in unflinching detail, this blog is a must read.

    4. Man of Depravity
    Tyler Braun is your Man of Depravity and writes all about seminary, ministry, and worship in the context of the local Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland. He can also speak knowledgeably of the Multnomah Biblical Seminary. Goings on in the church, daily life, and even political musings are shared.

    5. Renewal Dynamics
    Get the official blog of the Regent University School of Divinity and the Center for Renewal Studies by visiting here. Several authors blog on everything from studies to spirituality. Also a good stop for those interested in learning more about Pentecostal studies.

    6. About Catholicism
    Scott Richert has an M.A. in Political Theory from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., where, in addition to his general political-theory studies, he pursued an interest in the political and social thought of the early Church Fathers. He now spends his days at a traditional Latin mass and home schooling his seven children. A standout blog for the triple whammy of being Catholic, having knowledge of seminary practices, and being married.

    7. Going to Seminary
    This is the go-to site for advice, insight, and community for those attending or thinking about attending seminary. The blog covers issues from money to marriage, scholarships to scholastics, and beyond. The blog is authored by several contributors, including a few women.

    8. McAfee Insider
    The McAfee School of Theology offers the recognition of a highly respected university where students study with world class scholars. The blog is dedicated to what the community is “knowing, being, and doing.” Both students and teachers are constantly featured on the blog.

The Top Church Seminarian Blogs

Because many seminarians end up in church, check out these blogs all about how to be part of or even run a church.

    9. Jesus Dust
    He is a PhD student at Boston University School of Theology in Practical Theology, with a concentration in Mission and Evangelism. Chris also hopes to bring together movements in missional ecclesiology and spiritual formation. Top posts on the blog include “Calvin’s Gospel of Predestination”and “Clergy Couples Talk.”

    10. Greg Atkinson
    Since 2000, he has been writing, speaking, and training church leaders. In addition to public speaking and new media, Greg has a special passion for church plants and often serves as a coach. Reviews, recommendations, and much more are shared in the blog.

    11. Church Relevance
    Kent Shaffer is an organized strategist who collaborates with ministries such as He is an expert in culture, technology, behavioral science, and the best practices for ministries. Check out his blog for recommendations, guides, tips, and much more.

    12. Brad Lomenick
    He works for a leadership devotional company in Atlanta. Brad also has experience in directing a movement of young leaders called the Catalyst. A recent blog post examined the topics of hiring and firing.

    13. Be Deviant
    Visit here for the official blog of the Deviant Media Group, whose founder and senior editor is Justin Wise. His goal is to connect sacred and secular words together, and he does it with technology. Learn more and how to incorporate his teachings into your own life with a visit.

    14. Church Forward
    Sam Rainer is president of Rainer Research, a research and consulting firm dedicated to providing answers for better church health. He serves at First Baptist Church in Murray, Kentucky where he lives with his wife and daughter. Visit his blog to get posts such as “Ten Questions for Formulating a Discipleship Process.”

    15. Fred McKinnon
    He is the Worship Director for St. Simons Community Church on St. Simons Island, Georgia. He is also a mentor, musician, and speaker. You can even select from many interesting categories such as entrepreneurship and music.

The Top Pastor Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about what a pastor learns and does in these blogs.

    16. Confessions of a Small Church Pastor
    Chuck Warnock intends his blog for those with a church audience of up to 300. After being selected to write for “Outreach,”he became addicted to blogging and this was the result. See how he grew and maintains his ministry in Chatham, Virginia with a read.

    17. Eric Bryant
    He serves as a Grow Pastor speaking and creating resources at Gateway Church in Austin. Eric has also taught at the Southern California campuses of Golden Gate Seminary and Fuller Seminary. You can also get video and audio entries on the blog.

    18. Bruce Reyes-Chow
    He is the founding pastor of Mission Bay Community Church in Northern California. A third generation Filipino/Chinese American, he is also a father, drummer, and Oakland A’s fanatic. Standout features include Our Life in Pictures, as well as entries for the “SF Gate”and Huffington Post.

    19. The Reformed Pastor
    Get daily thoughts on Christian faith and life in the world from an Evangelical Presbyterian church planter here. From Kingstowne, Virginia, David studied at the Trinity School for Ministry and can also play the autoharp. Prayers, thoughts, and even political musings are shared.

    20. Pastor Steven Furtick
    He is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, named by Outreach magazine as one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. Steven holds a Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Categories on the blog include leadership, spiritual growth, and even church planning.

    21. I am Scott Hodge
    He is the lead pastor of The Orchard Community in Aurora, Illinois. Also an artist, activist, and writer, Scott is also a coach for those who need it. Most viewed posts include “Leaving Churches”and “Mood Boards.”

    22. Mark Waltz
    Mark is the pastor of connections at Granger Community Church. With a tagline of “because people matter,”he sums up why he does what he does. Topics of the blog include current affairs, leadership focus, and what it’s all about.

    23. Live Well. Lead Well.
    Jeff Bell is a pastor at Westport Church in Hillsboro, Oregon, a suburb in the western region of Portland. The blog helps give everyone from seminary students to pastors to those sitting in the pews tips for both living and leading well. One of the latest posts was on how to make work fun.

    24. Perry Noble
    Get leadership, vision, and creativity all on one blog here. Perry is the Senior Pastor of New Spring Church in South Carolina. What does changing your sheets and going to church have in common? A recent entry answered just that.

The Top Priest Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about Catholicism and seminary in these priest blogs.

    25. What Does the Prayer Really Say?
    We may have all heard the words “Our Father, who art in Heaven,”but this is one of the few blogs where the writer takes the time to actually dissect and share what prayer truly means. Father Z. encourages all to visit for “slavishly accurate liturgical translations and frank commentary.”

    26. Deacon’s Bench
    Unlike priests, Catholic deacons are allowed to marry and have children. Learn more with a visit to Greg Kandra’s blog. He is a Roman Catholic deacon serving in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

    27. Standing on my Head
    Father Dwight Longenecker is part of the St. Joseph’s School and Our Lady of the Rosary parish in Greenville, South Carolina. He is also a published author and accomplished blogger. Visit to get his homilies, thoughts, and even lectures.

    28. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!
    You don’t have to speak Latin to enjoy this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Father Phillip Neri Powell blogs mostly in English and has interesting entries on Lent and when lying is acceptable (hint: never.) A standout feature is the links to free readings and resources with much more.

    29. The Black Biretta
    This blog is authored by the Rev. Fr. John Trigilio, Jr. He even has blog entries dating back to 1997, so be sure and make time. You can also check out the “Catholicism Answer Book”online with answers to the 300 most frequently asked questions.

    30. The hermeneutic of continuity
    This blog is written by Father Tim Finigan, Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Southwark. He is also a tutor in Sacramental Theology and Dogmatic Theology. A great read for seeing how priests live and teach in the United Kingdom.

    31. The Gospel in the Digital Age
    See how the new media is affecting the Bible in this blog. It is also unique in that it is authored by Archbishop Dolan. He also includes many videos in blog entries with more.

    32. Caritas in Veritate
    Father John Boyle is from England, although currently based in Marquette, Michigan. His blog is derived from a quote from the Pope on charity and truth. Labels on the blog include everything from abortion to women.

    33. Fr. Mildew
    Also known as Michael Clifton, Father Mildew is a retired priest of “a traditional mould”from the United Kingdom. His free time allows him to blog regularly on items such as free will, thoughts on current events, and other musings.

    34. Vox Nova
    Finally, if the above aren’t enough for you, click here. A group of contributors write about Catholic perspectives on culture, society, and politics. Seminarians will especially appreciate the contributions of Brett Salkeld, a doctoral student in Theology at Regis College in Toronto.

The Top Mormon Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about Mormons and the Church of Latter Day Saints with these blogs.

    35. Mormon Mission Prep
    Because mission work is a staple for every Mormon, stop by this blog. Authored by Jimmy Smith, their goal is to teach more about missionary work and help those going on it to prepare. Get entries on everything from the blessings of the work to how to motivate other missionaries.

    36. Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord
    Get an LDS missionary quote book and blog with a visit here. Elder Matt Vroom also has tons of links to missionary blogs and sites with much more information. One of his latest posts was about the search for truth.

    37. The Mormon Organon
    Stephen L. Peck is a professor at Brigham Young University. In his blog, he takes a look at both science and the LDS faith. Choose from loads of topics such as evolution and climate change, in addition to theology and ethics.

    38. Mormon Insights
    Get a personal view of Mormon theology from a life-long member of the LDS church. S. Faux is both a Mormon and fan of Darwin. Recommended posts include “Continuous Revelation”and “Woman at the Well.”

    39. Mormon Thinking
    Nils Bergeson is a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Agency of International Development. He created this blog as an attempt to share his opinions and thoughts on the Mormon faith. Nils recently shared a series on why he became a Mormon.

    40. What do Mormons Believe?
    Get the answer to this and many other related LDS questions with a visit to this blog. Eleven writers make up the blog including parents, converts, engineers, and others. Most viewed entries include “Is the LDS Church Just Another Christian Church?”and “What Happens at Funerals?”

    41. Mormanity
    Visit here for discussions of Mormon life, the Book of Mormon, and other LDS topics. Jeff Lindsay is from Wisconsin who “surprisingly tends to take a pro-LDS view.” This includes everything from prayers to basketball.

    42. By Common Conscent
    The blog’s title is derived from a Mormon prayer. It was started in 2004 as a way to provide a thoughtful place to discuss Mormon topics. Over time, they have had many contributors discuss many subjects including grandparents, new media, prayers, and much more.

    43. The Juvenile Instructor
    The title of this blog was taken from a 19th century periodical founded in 1866 by George Q. Cannon. It is also useful in that all of the contributors are relatively juvenile in age and/or maturity. Stop by for entries on scholarly inquiry, women in the church, and many others.

    44. Mormon Times
    If the above blogs aren’t enough, click here. You can get a variety of Mormon bloggers from various walks of life. Current popular stories include “Mapping of Mormon Lands”and “Dealing With a Twisted Family Tree.”

The Top Other Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about other aspects of religion and seminary in these blogs.

    45. Ask Sister Mary Martha
    Proving that seminary isn’t just for men is this blogger. A Catholic nun, her tagline is “Life is Tough. Nuns are tougher.” Helpful advice, insight, and life from a nun’s point of view are all shared on this blog.

    46. Positive Muslim News
    If you would like to hear about how Muslims are making the world a better place, stop here. The blog is dedicated to news and good things Muslims are doing in North American and around the world. The most current include winning prizes and inspiring a bone marrow drive.

    47. Irshad Manji
    She is the Director of the Moral Courage Project at New York University. Irshad has also been described by “The New York Times”as “Osama bin Laden’s worst nightmare.” See and read why on her popular blog.

    48. Rabbi Arthur Segal
    His writings for modern Jews offer spiritual, ethical, and eco-Judaic lessons in plain English and with relevance to contemporary lifestyles. He is also a published author with a love of people, humanity, and sharing Judaism. Visit to get his lessons through the blog.

    49. Belovski
    Rabbi Harvey Belovski is the rabbi of the Golders Green Synagogue in London, a writer, and lecturer. His blog contains thoughts, observations, and articles on Judaism and the state of the Jewish world today. One of the most recent posts was on Limmud.

    50. Reform Judaism
    Learn more about this particular type of Judaism with a visit to this blog. It includes topics such as defining reform, living, college life, and more. Featured stories include welcoming strangers and a virtual book club.

No matter what your area of interest, there are loads to read and learn on the above top 50 seminarian blogs. They include bloggers of all faiths, education, and at different points in their life of service.

For Better or For Worse: Top 10 Gay Marriage Blogs

The issue of same-sex marriage is a debate that has been going on for years, divided both politically and religiously. Since the early 2000s, several countries have begun to legally recognize same-sex marriages.

Those opposed argue that allowing people of the same gender to marry would go against the definition of “marriage,” which the dictionary states as the union of man and woman establishing a life as husband and wife. Other arguments are formed around parenting concerns, religion and tradition.

Those in favor of equal rights and the legalization and recognition of same-sex marriages argue that denying them access to marriage also denies them access to the same benefits allotted to married couples; benefits such as financial, psychological and physical stability. People of the LGBT community feel as though their basic human rights are being violated based solely on their gender and sexual orientation.

For more information regarding the fight for equal rights and equal marriage rights, we’ve found 10 of the best blogs on the Web. On these sites, you’ll find the most current news and information about what’s going on in the legislation, legal issues and insight into the equal rights movement regarding same-sex marriage.

1. Gay Marriage Watch
This site is a great resource for news on gay marriage and marriage equality. Find out what’s going on across the world in the fight for equal rights, and also find a great directory of gay marriage events being held.

2. Queer Justice: Nolo’s LGBT Law Blog
Emily Doskow is a family law attorney and mediator and specializes in adoption, parentage issues, domestic partnerships formation and dissolution and divorce. Her blog hits on topics regarding civil rights, legislation and marriage as well as how those rights affect adoption, children and psychological issues.

3. Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage
Nancy Polikoff is a law professor and has been working on gay and lesbian family issues for over 30 years. She teaches family law, civil procedure, and sexuality and the law. She has published many law review articles and also written book chapters, and her book “Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage was published in 2008. On her site, find great information about gay and lesbian issues and how they pertain to the law.

4. Stop8
This site is a comprehensive resource for the latest news and information regarding Proposition 8. Learn how you can get involved, meet the families affected by Prop 8 and learn how to join to fight for equality in California.

5. The Gay Marriage Blog
Ryan Heath started this blog to serve as a global outlook to help local inequality. He shares a personal lookinto equality through his readers’ stories and their marriages. He also offers a great translation feature, so that his information can be accessed across the world in different languages.

6. Box Turtle Bulletin
The Box Turtle Bulletin’s mission is to serve, gay, straight, bisexual or questioning people alike by providing accurate information about issues facing gays and lesbians. They want to provide a fair and helpful resource based on being compassionate, tolerant, civil and honest.

7. Australian Marriage Equality
Australian Marriage Equality is a national organization fighting for equal marriage rights for all Australians, and they believe that these rights should not be affected by gender or sexuality. This site was started in 2004 and offers great information regarding their marriage equality campaign, research, support and legislation.

8. Pam’s House Blend
Pam Spaulding created this site in 2004 originally as out outlet to blow off steam regarding the election and how certain issues would affect her life as a lesbian. She soon realized that people from all over were taking the time to read her blog and comment on her posts. From there she said it became clear that blogging about issues concerning the LBGT community would give her readers insight into the gay rights in America. She also has a team of “guest baristas”who help contribute to the site as well.

9. Queers United
Queers United’s mission is to unite LGBT, queer, intersexual and asexual communities to provide education and activism for issues facing these minorities. Through their posts, they offer a voice for minorities and push for equality across the board.

10. Benny’s Blog
Benny Hazlehurst is a Reverend in the Church of England. Against opposition and controversially, he is also a Christian who welcomes and blesses homosexual relationships. He and his wife, Mel, believe that God has a place for everyone. Find great information on what he considers a radically inclusive Christian blog.

The Practice of Buddhism from a Christian Perspective

Our world is a living example of unity in diversity – there are numerous religions, but for the most part, we manage to follow our own even as we tolerate the rest. Some religions are closely linked to others in their history, culture, beliefs and/or teachings, probably because they one is an offshoot of the other or because they teach the same principles. Buddhism and Christianity are two such religions, and although they seem like strange bedfellows, there’s more to the linkage between these two than meets the eye.

Buddhism is the most syncretistic religion in the world in that it is combined with the beliefs of many other religions and cultures and as such, is easy for people belonging to other faiths to adapt to. For example, people who embrace Buddhism in American call their houses of worship and their meeting places “churches”, a term that is obviously borrowed from Christianity. But the same cannot be said of Christianity – most Christians believe that their God is the only sovereign Supreme Being and that all other religions are humbug and all other deities/gods/prophets are the devil and various demons.

So if we were to look at Buddhism from a Christian perspective, we would probably see the former in a negative light. Most Christians are tolerant of other religions, but as in any community, there are always the hardcore fanatics who believe that those who follow the Buddhist way of life are encroaching on their space and beliefs.

Christians feel that the Buddhist view of life with infinite cycles is very far removed from their belief of one finite life – for the Buddhist, the bad karma that we accumulate in this life leads us to be reincarnated again and again and undergo suffering as human beings. It is only when we completely rid ourselves of all desires and accumulate only good karma that we can avoid being reborn and attain a state of nirvana. For the Christians however, desire can never be completely eliminated and man is doomed to sin because Adam and Eve ate the apple. Their redemption lies in believing that Christ died for our sins and that if we believe in him, we will attain salvation.

In general, the Christian perception of Buddhism is that it is an intruder on its turf. Christians feel that Buddhists are a danger to them, because of their varying cultural and spiritual beliefs and their way of life. For them, it is an anathema to even think that there is no God (Buddhists follow a way of life, not a God), and that the Buddhists can think this way, makes them some kind of atheists who they cannot identify with.

Healing and Deliverance According to the Bible

When we hear the word deliverance, we tend to associate it with “deliverance from evil”. Our Lord’s prayer includes this in the last line – we ask him to deliver us from all evil as we pray every day. Christian deliverance refers to God rescuing his children not just from demonic and satanic possession, but from bondage, oppression, hardship and temptation as well. We talk of various forms of deliverance:

  • Spiritual: All Christians must believe in the uniqueness of God as the only divine being and desist from worshipping or even acknowledging the existence of any other form of divinity.
  • Social: It is important that we remember God in all our social activities and avoid taking part in anything that detracts from His greatness and from the teachings of the Holy Bible.
  • Physical: This refers to the exorcism of not just demons and other evil forms from the physical body, but also deliverance from our attachment to our bodies. We must not be so caught up in the way we look that we forget to worship God with all the devotion that the deed requires.
  • Material: When we become attached and addicted to material possessions, it makes it that much harder to reach God and become one with him. We are so focused on amassing wealth and retaining it that we forget to offer thanks and praise the Lord for his goodness.

Most of all, we need deliverance from ignorance and sin – the first for all that we do unknowingly that is against the teachings in the Bible, and the second for all that we knowingly do just because we are overcome by lust and temptation for worldly and hedonistic pleasures.

Healing takes place when you truly repent for your transgressions and come back to the path of truth and follow the will of God. You must also give up all forms of temptations and dissociate yourself from situations that lead you to sin, knowingly or unknowingly. And most important of all, you must pray to God and ask him to guide you as you go through this deliverance and healing process and enable you to keep to the straight and narrow path.

Biblical deliverance and healing allow you to walk with God and abide in the teachings of Christ his son.

So There is a Higher Being? Top 20 Agnostic Blogs

Agnostics may believe in the Universe, themselves or have faith and hope in humanity. It’s a mind set that allows you to explore your options at your own pace and take heavy religious claims with a grain of salt. Here are the top agnostic blogs for questioning faith, as well as those who have none.

Top Agnostic Blogs

Learning about a higher being and questioning religion is practically in the blood of writers of these fantastic agnostic blogs.


    1. Agnostic Universe This site compares various religions to see what adds up and what doesn’t. There’s also great posts over Christianity’s role in the development of the modern world.

    2. Religion Dispatches This site examines religion and agnostic points of views and how they compare to each other when it comes to major issues such as healthcare and gay rights.

    3. The Agnostic’s Wife This former Christian takes a look at life from an agnostic mom’s perspective and has the knowledge of her prior faith to back up claims for non-believers.

    4. Memoirs of an Ex-Christian This blogger talks about his upbringing as a Christian and analyzes the ways of those who are good to each other in the name of God. He also talks about what it’s like to move past your religion and no longer let it be apart of who you are.

    5. Rapture Nutballs This blogger analyzes the world’s hardships and struggles and where religion and this supposed God fits in to place.

    6. Slapdash Gal This former Christian is now reassessing life with a fresh perspective that isn’t driven by religion, but instead, faith.

    7. A Complicated Salvation Sometimes figuring out what guides you in life isn’t easy. This agnostic site talks about the differences between believing for the right reasons and believing because you’re too afraid not to .

    8. Blinders Off We adore this agnostic blog because the writer is candid about her history as a Christian and smart enough to share with readers the positivity that can come from cutting phony Christians out of your life when they’re harming you.

    9. De-Conversion This is an awesome agnostic blog because it discusses knowing the difference between right and wrong when you aren’t told what fits into those categories by a god or book.

    10. Debunking Christianity This site picks apart the Bible, one verse at a time. It also touches on why things like prayer work, since it really is mind over matter.

    11. Freedom From Religion Foundation This organization is where agnostics, skeptics and freethinkers meet to learn more about the myths and legends put upon them by mainstream society.

    12. Losing My Religion This is a brilliant blog for those questioning religion because it doesn’t totally discount the idea of a higher being and instead, looks for the points within major religions that are actually useful for daily life.

    13. The Secular Outpost This blog analyzes the idea of a God so you don’t have to! If you’re wondering what the other possibilities are for a higher being, this site has plenty of food for thought.

    14. Seeking a Little Truth Get lighthearted agnostic and atheist humor from this blog that regularly posts comics on the subjects.

    15. Agnostic Mom Unfortunately this blog no longer updates, which is too bad because it’s among our favorite agnostic blogs. It talks about raising a family sans religion and still turning out with kids that are a-OK when it comes to decision making.

More Agnostic Blogs

There’s nothing wrong with questioning your faith or learning more about religions from different cultures to enhance your own spirituality. Learn from these agnostic bloggers.

    16. Irreligious This site aims at debunking Christianity and looking at things for what they really are versus what we perceive them to be based on the religious notions that many grown up with.

    17. Unreasonable Faith This site is for skeptics and anyone who questions religious beliefs that simply don’t add up when applied to the real world.

    18. Science & the Sacred At this blog, science and religion cross paths, making for interesting posts over specific events in the Bible.

    19. Tough Questions Answered This blog is penned by evangelicals, but it welcomes non-believers and skeptics, which makes for insightful debate over government and religious issues that are usually discussed by one side only.

    20. Why I Left Christianity This blogger describes her leaving a Christian church and making her way through the world as a freethinker. The blogger is an atheist, but the site is a great read for agnostics or anyone questioning their faith.

Most agnostics are always willing to learn more about religions and the place they have in modern society. Without committing themselves to a certain belief system, agnostics are able to enhance their well-being and personal growth by pulling from different religions and constantly questioning the idea of an all mighty God.

Christians, How Would You Interact With Non-Believers?

It’s not just a religion; to me, being a Christian is my very identity. It is who I am, my faith and belief in Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Church. So when I meet people who are staunch non-believers, I am so tempted to try to convert them, because my faith is so passionate. But I have found that this direct approach makes people wary of me, and they become adamant in their belief, or rather non-belief. The best way to interact with non-believers is to:

  • Read them carefully: There are two kinds of non-believers – the ones who are atheists and do not believe in any kind of God, and the ones who don’t believe in the sovereignty of Jesus Christ and are devoted to other Gods and religions. Some people fall in between – they have no staunch beliefs or disbeliefs and are not really committed to any one religion, even the ones they were born into. Now the last category is the easiest to convert to your way of thinking without too much fuss.
  • Learn what makes them tick: There are various aspects to Christianity, and when you’re able find the ones that will interest your new friend, you know you have yourself a convert. Some people find that regular Church meetings soothe their troubled minds and help relieve their stress. Others find that taking part in the voluntary work that is done by the Church helps them become better people. And yet others love the passion of music in the Church, the singing, they hymns and the choir. So when you match their attitude to their passion, it’s easier to show them the greatness of Christianity.
  • Be a good human being: In all these endeavors, it is important to realize that you must never overstep personal boundaries. While it is ok to praise Christ, it is not ok to denigrate other religions and their Gods or mock atheists for their non-belief. Also, you must prove that you are a good Christian by being a good human being. This will make people associate your goodness with your religion, and because they want to emulate you, they start to show more interest in Christ and His teachings.

In general, interacting with non-believers depends more on your attitude towards them than theirs to you. When you move subtly and less aggressively, people let their guard down and find it easier to open up to the wondrous possibilities that Christianity offers.

The Truth About Spirituality and Prayer

Many of us discover the path to spirituality when we reach a certain age; youth and spirituality are not usually associated together. But prayer is a different thing – we are taught to pray right from the time we’re old enough to talk. I remember kneeling by the side of my bed and repeating after my mother for a while before I was old enough to pray on my own. It was only a list of childish requests at the time, but as I grew older, prayer was my way of communicating with God as I would with a friend.

The surprising thing about prayer is that not many people associate it with spirituality. For them, prayer is just another thing that you do every day. You need to be exceptionally spiritual in order to pray. Most of us pray without realizing that we are praying, but this kind of prayer is mostly demanding – we ask God for the things we want; we ask him to save us from difficult situations; and we seek miracles when we know there is no way out.

When you’re spiritual, you understand that prayer is more than just a list of demands for God to satisfy; rather, it is your way of reaching out to God. When you are spiritual, you pray not only for yourself but for the people you love and care about. You remember the world and seek solutions for its problems in your prayer. And most important of all, you never fail to give thanks for the abundant blessings that God has showered on you when you pray.

Spirituality brings you closer to God and you’re able to understand his ways, however mysterious they may be. You don’t question his actions and ask why; rather, you accept his wish and ask for the strength and wisdom to get past the difficult period. You don’t rant and rave at God when trouble besets you and you don’t bargain with God to get what you want. Instead, you work hard to keep your head above trouble and do the things you’re supposed to do to get what you want instead of relying on prayer alone.

When you become spiritual, you’re more at peace with yourself and those around you. You don’t react with negative emotions instinctively every time you’re riled. And you become more mature and wise because of your insight into who you are and your close connection with God.