Called to Write: The Top 50 Seminarian Blogs

A seminary is a school for those interested in theology and in particular for those who plan to speak, teach, or live the word of their respective god. Unlike religious schools that teach many subjects and offer many degrees, seminaries are usually reserved only for those who plan to go into some form of preaching for a church or other form of worship practice Because of this, it is almost impossible for the average person to know what life is like inside one.

However, with the below top 50 seminarian blogs, it is less difficult. Authored by those who have or are in some form of seminary study, you can get an inside look at them like never before. They also include entries by specific seminaries such as Catholic, Mormon, and others.

The Top Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about life inside and outside a seminary with these blogs from those who are or have been there.

    1. Cacoethes scribendi
    This blog is also known as A Seminarian’s Blog, and Cesar stands out for chronicling his first year in the Vancouver Archdiocese. Also a biology student, he loves things one would think a future priest wouldn’t such as movies and video games. Read all about why little things like Febreeze matters and other inside peeks in this blog.

    2. Brandon Withrow
    He is a writer, a religion blogger at The Huffington Post, and Assistant Professor of Historical and Theological Studies at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. He also wrote a book entitled “Katherine Parr: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Reformation Queen.” Entries from The Huffington Post are often shared along with thoughts and musings.

    3. Innerstrife
    The blogger at this site was a divorcee and convicted felon until his life changed in 1997. After counseling fellow Men of the Cloth, he decided to become what he admired and was accepted into Dallas Theological Seminary. For discussing the past, present, and future in unflinching detail, this blog is a must read.

    4. Man of Depravity
    Tyler Braun is your Man of Depravity and writes all about seminary, ministry, and worship in the context of the local Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland. He can also speak knowledgeably of the Multnomah Biblical Seminary. Goings on in the church, daily life, and even political musings are shared.

    5. Renewal Dynamics
    Get the official blog of the Regent University School of Divinity and the Center for Renewal Studies by visiting here. Several authors blog on everything from studies to spirituality. Also a good stop for those interested in learning more about Pentecostal studies.

    6. About Catholicism
    Scott Richert has an M.A. in Political Theory from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., where, in addition to his general political-theory studies, he pursued an interest in the political and social thought of the early Church Fathers. He now spends his days at a traditional Latin mass and home schooling his seven children. A standout blog for the triple whammy of being Catholic, having knowledge of seminary practices, and being married.

    7. Going to Seminary
    This is the go-to site for advice, insight, and community for those attending or thinking about attending seminary. The blog covers issues from money to marriage, scholarships to scholastics, and beyond. The blog is authored by several contributors, including a few women.

    8. McAfee Insider
    The McAfee School of Theology offers the recognition of a highly respected university where students study with world class scholars. The blog is dedicated to what the community is “knowing, being, and doing.” Both students and teachers are constantly featured on the blog.

The Top Church Seminarian Blogs

Because many seminarians end up in church, check out these blogs all about how to be part of or even run a church.

    9. Jesus Dust
    He is a PhD student at Boston University School of Theology in Practical Theology, with a concentration in Mission and Evangelism. Chris also hopes to bring together movements in missional ecclesiology and spiritual formation. Top posts on the blog include “Calvin’s Gospel of Predestination”and “Clergy Couples Talk.”

    10. Greg Atkinson
    Since 2000, he has been writing, speaking, and training church leaders. In addition to public speaking and new media, Greg has a special passion for church plants and often serves as a coach. Reviews, recommendations, and much more are shared in the blog.

    11. Church Relevance
    Kent Shaffer is an organized strategist who collaborates with ministries such as He is an expert in culture, technology, behavioral science, and the best practices for ministries. Check out his blog for recommendations, guides, tips, and much more.

    12. Brad Lomenick
    He works for a leadership devotional company in Atlanta. Brad also has experience in directing a movement of young leaders called the Catalyst. A recent blog post examined the topics of hiring and firing.

    13. Be Deviant
    Visit here for the official blog of the Deviant Media Group, whose founder and senior editor is Justin Wise. His goal is to connect sacred and secular words together, and he does it with technology. Learn more and how to incorporate his teachings into your own life with a visit.

    14. Church Forward
    Sam Rainer is president of Rainer Research, a research and consulting firm dedicated to providing answers for better church health. He serves at First Baptist Church in Murray, Kentucky where he lives with his wife and daughter. Visit his blog to get posts such as “Ten Questions for Formulating a Discipleship Process.”

    15. Fred McKinnon
    He is the Worship Director for St. Simons Community Church on St. Simons Island, Georgia. He is also a mentor, musician, and speaker. You can even select from many interesting categories such as entrepreneurship and music.

The Top Pastor Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about what a pastor learns and does in these blogs.

    16. Confessions of a Small Church Pastor
    Chuck Warnock intends his blog for those with a church audience of up to 300. After being selected to write for “Outreach,”he became addicted to blogging and this was the result. See how he grew and maintains his ministry in Chatham, Virginia with a read.

    17. Eric Bryant
    He serves as a Grow Pastor speaking and creating resources at Gateway Church in Austin. Eric has also taught at the Southern California campuses of Golden Gate Seminary and Fuller Seminary. You can also get video and audio entries on the blog.

    18. Bruce Reyes-Chow
    He is the founding pastor of Mission Bay Community Church in Northern California. A third generation Filipino/Chinese American, he is also a father, drummer, and Oakland A’s fanatic. Standout features include Our Life in Pictures, as well as entries for the “SF Gate”and Huffington Post.

    19. The Reformed Pastor
    Get daily thoughts on Christian faith and life in the world from an Evangelical Presbyterian church planter here. From Kingstowne, Virginia, David studied at the Trinity School for Ministry and can also play the autoharp. Prayers, thoughts, and even political musings are shared.

    20. Pastor Steven Furtick
    He is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, named by Outreach magazine as one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. Steven holds a Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Categories on the blog include leadership, spiritual growth, and even church planning.

    21. I am Scott Hodge
    He is the lead pastor of The Orchard Community in Aurora, Illinois. Also an artist, activist, and writer, Scott is also a coach for those who need it. Most viewed posts include “Leaving Churches”and “Mood Boards.”

    22. Mark Waltz
    Mark is the pastor of connections at Granger Community Church. With a tagline of “because people matter,”he sums up why he does what he does. Topics of the blog include current affairs, leadership focus, and what it’s all about.

    23. Live Well. Lead Well.
    Jeff Bell is a pastor at Westport Church in Hillsboro, Oregon, a suburb in the western region of Portland. The blog helps give everyone from seminary students to pastors to those sitting in the pews tips for both living and leading well. One of the latest posts was on how to make work fun.

    24. Perry Noble
    Get leadership, vision, and creativity all on one blog here. Perry is the Senior Pastor of New Spring Church in South Carolina. What does changing your sheets and going to church have in common? A recent entry answered just that.

The Top Priest Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about Catholicism and seminary in these priest blogs.

    25. What Does the Prayer Really Say?
    We may have all heard the words “Our Father, who art in Heaven,”but this is one of the few blogs where the writer takes the time to actually dissect and share what prayer truly means. Father Z. encourages all to visit for “slavishly accurate liturgical translations and frank commentary.”

    26. Deacon’s Bench
    Unlike priests, Catholic deacons are allowed to marry and have children. Learn more with a visit to Greg Kandra’s blog. He is a Roman Catholic deacon serving in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

    27. Standing on my Head
    Father Dwight Longenecker is part of the St. Joseph’s School and Our Lady of the Rosary parish in Greenville, South Carolina. He is also a published author and accomplished blogger. Visit to get his homilies, thoughts, and even lectures.

    28. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!
    You don’t have to speak Latin to enjoy this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Father Phillip Neri Powell blogs mostly in English and has interesting entries on Lent and when lying is acceptable (hint: never.) A standout feature is the links to free readings and resources with much more.

    29. The Black Biretta
    This blog is authored by the Rev. Fr. John Trigilio, Jr. He even has blog entries dating back to 1997, so be sure and make time. You can also check out the “Catholicism Answer Book”online with answers to the 300 most frequently asked questions.

    30. The hermeneutic of continuity
    This blog is written by Father Tim Finigan, Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Southwark. He is also a tutor in Sacramental Theology and Dogmatic Theology. A great read for seeing how priests live and teach in the United Kingdom.

    31. The Gospel in the Digital Age
    See how the new media is affecting the Bible in this blog. It is also unique in that it is authored by Archbishop Dolan. He also includes many videos in blog entries with more.

    32. Caritas in Veritate
    Father John Boyle is from England, although currently based in Marquette, Michigan. His blog is derived from a quote from the Pope on charity and truth. Labels on the blog include everything from abortion to women.

    33. Fr. Mildew
    Also known as Michael Clifton, Father Mildew is a retired priest of “a traditional mould”from the United Kingdom. His free time allows him to blog regularly on items such as free will, thoughts on current events, and other musings.

    34. Vox Nova
    Finally, if the above aren’t enough for you, click here. A group of contributors write about Catholic perspectives on culture, society, and politics. Seminarians will especially appreciate the contributions of Brett Salkeld, a doctoral student in Theology at Regis College in Toronto.

The Top Mormon Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about Mormons and the Church of Latter Day Saints with these blogs.

    35. Mormon Mission Prep
    Because mission work is a staple for every Mormon, stop by this blog. Authored by Jimmy Smith, their goal is to teach more about missionary work and help those going on it to prepare. Get entries on everything from the blessings of the work to how to motivate other missionaries.

    36. Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord
    Get an LDS missionary quote book and blog with a visit here. Elder Matt Vroom also has tons of links to missionary blogs and sites with much more information. One of his latest posts was about the search for truth.

    37. The Mormon Organon
    Stephen L. Peck is a professor at Brigham Young University. In his blog, he takes a look at both science and the LDS faith. Choose from loads of topics such as evolution and climate change, in addition to theology and ethics.

    38. Mormon Insights
    Get a personal view of Mormon theology from a life-long member of the LDS church. S. Faux is both a Mormon and fan of Darwin. Recommended posts include “Continuous Revelation”and “Woman at the Well.”

    39. Mormon Thinking
    Nils Bergeson is a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Agency of International Development. He created this blog as an attempt to share his opinions and thoughts on the Mormon faith. Nils recently shared a series on why he became a Mormon.

    40. What do Mormons Believe?
    Get the answer to this and many other related LDS questions with a visit to this blog. Eleven writers make up the blog including parents, converts, engineers, and others. Most viewed entries include “Is the LDS Church Just Another Christian Church?”and “What Happens at Funerals?”

    41. Mormanity
    Visit here for discussions of Mormon life, the Book of Mormon, and other LDS topics. Jeff Lindsay is from Wisconsin who “surprisingly tends to take a pro-LDS view.” This includes everything from prayers to basketball.

    42. By Common Conscent
    The blog’s title is derived from a Mormon prayer. It was started in 2004 as a way to provide a thoughtful place to discuss Mormon topics. Over time, they have had many contributors discuss many subjects including grandparents, new media, prayers, and much more.

    43. The Juvenile Instructor
    The title of this blog was taken from a 19th century periodical founded in 1866 by George Q. Cannon. It is also useful in that all of the contributors are relatively juvenile in age and/or maturity. Stop by for entries on scholarly inquiry, women in the church, and many others.

    44. Mormon Times
    If the above blogs aren’t enough, click here. You can get a variety of Mormon bloggers from various walks of life. Current popular stories include “Mapping of Mormon Lands”and “Dealing With a Twisted Family Tree.”

The Top Other Seminarian Blogs

Learn more about other aspects of religion and seminary in these blogs.

    45. Ask Sister Mary Martha
    Proving that seminary isn’t just for men is this blogger. A Catholic nun, her tagline is “Life is Tough. Nuns are tougher.” Helpful advice, insight, and life from a nun’s point of view are all shared on this blog.

    46. Positive Muslim News
    If you would like to hear about how Muslims are making the world a better place, stop here. The blog is dedicated to news and good things Muslims are doing in North American and around the world. The most current include winning prizes and inspiring a bone marrow drive.

    47. Irshad Manji
    She is the Director of the Moral Courage Project at New York University. Irshad has also been described by “The New York Times”as “Osama bin Laden’s worst nightmare.” See and read why on her popular blog.

    48. Rabbi Arthur Segal
    His writings for modern Jews offer spiritual, ethical, and eco-Judaic lessons in plain English and with relevance to contemporary lifestyles. He is also a published author with a love of people, humanity, and sharing Judaism. Visit to get his lessons through the blog.

    49. Belovski
    Rabbi Harvey Belovski is the rabbi of the Golders Green Synagogue in London, a writer, and lecturer. His blog contains thoughts, observations, and articles on Judaism and the state of the Jewish world today. One of the most recent posts was on Limmud.

    50. Reform Judaism
    Learn more about this particular type of Judaism with a visit to this blog. It includes topics such as defining reform, living, college life, and more. Featured stories include welcoming strangers and a virtual book club.

No matter what your area of interest, there are loads to read and learn on the above top 50 seminarian blogs. They include bloggers of all faiths, education, and at different points in their life of service.