Christians, How Would You Interact With Non-Believers?

It’s not just a religion; to me, being a Christian is my very identity. It is who I am, my faith and belief in Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Church. So when I meet people who are staunch non-believers, I am so tempted to try to convert them, because my faith is so passionate. But I have found that this direct approach makes people wary of me, and they become adamant in their belief, or rather non-belief. The best way to interact with non-believers is to:

  • Read them carefully: There are two kinds of non-believers – the ones who are atheists and do not believe in any kind of God, and the ones who don’t believe in the sovereignty of Jesus Christ and are devoted to other Gods and religions. Some people fall in between – they have no staunch beliefs or disbeliefs and are not really committed to any one religion, even the ones they were born into. Now the last category is the easiest to convert to your way of thinking without too much fuss.
  • Learn what makes them tick: There are various aspects to Christianity, and when you’re able find the ones that will interest your new friend, you know you have yourself a convert. Some people find that regular Church meetings soothe their troubled minds and help relieve their stress. Others find that taking part in the voluntary work that is done by the Church helps them become better people. And yet others love the passion of music in the Church, the singing, they hymns and the choir. So when you match their attitude to their passion, it’s easier to show them the greatness of Christianity.
  • Be a good human being: In all these endeavors, it is important to realize that you must never overstep personal boundaries. While it is ok to praise Christ, it is not ok to denigrate other religions and their Gods or mock atheists for their non-belief. Also, you must prove that you are a good Christian by being a good human being. This will make people associate your goodness with your religion, and because they want to emulate you, they start to show more interest in Christ and His teachings.

In general, interacting with non-believers depends more on your attitude towards them than theirs to you. When you move subtly and less aggressively, people let their guard down and find it easier to open up to the wondrous possibilities that Christianity offers.