For Better or For Worse: Top 10 Gay Marriage Blogs

The issue of same-sex marriage is a debate that has been going on for years, divided both politically and religiously. Since the early 2000s, several countries have begun to legally recognize same-sex marriages.

Those opposed argue that allowing people of the same gender to marry would go against the definition of “marriage,” which the dictionary states as the union of man and woman establishing a life as husband and wife. Other arguments are formed around parenting concerns, religion and tradition.

Those in favor of equal rights and the legalization and recognition of same-sex marriages argue that denying them access to marriage also denies them access to the same benefits allotted to married couples; benefits such as financial, psychological and physical stability. People of the LGBT community feel as though their basic human rights are being violated based solely on their gender and sexual orientation.

For more information regarding the fight for equal rights and equal marriage rights, we’ve found 10 of the best blogs on the Web. On these sites, you’ll find the most current news and information about what’s going on in the legislation, legal issues and insight into the equal rights movement regarding same-sex marriage.

1. Gay Marriage Watch
This site is a great resource for news on gay marriage and marriage equality. Find out what’s going on across the world in the fight for equal rights, and also find a great directory of gay marriage events being held.

2. Queer Justice: Nolo’s LGBT Law Blog
Emily Doskow is a family law attorney and mediator and specializes in adoption, parentage issues, domestic partnerships formation and dissolution and divorce. Her blog hits on topics regarding civil rights, legislation and marriage as well as how those rights affect adoption, children and psychological issues.

3. Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage
Nancy Polikoff is a law professor and has been working on gay and lesbian family issues for over 30 years. She teaches family law, civil procedure, and sexuality and the law. She has published many law review articles and also written book chapters, and her book “Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage was published in 2008. On her site, find great information about gay and lesbian issues and how they pertain to the law.

4. Stop8
This site is a comprehensive resource for the latest news and information regarding Proposition 8. Learn how you can get involved, meet the families affected by Prop 8 and learn how to join to fight for equality in California.

5. The Gay Marriage Blog
Ryan Heath started this blog to serve as a global outlook to help local inequality. He shares a personal lookinto equality through his readers’ stories and their marriages. He also offers a great translation feature, so that his information can be accessed across the world in different languages.

6. Box Turtle Bulletin
The Box Turtle Bulletin’s mission is to serve, gay, straight, bisexual or questioning people alike by providing accurate information about issues facing gays and lesbians. They want to provide a fair and helpful resource based on being compassionate, tolerant, civil and honest.

7. Australian Marriage Equality
Australian Marriage Equality is a national organization fighting for equal marriage rights for all Australians, and they believe that these rights should not be affected by gender or sexuality. This site was started in 2004 and offers great information regarding their marriage equality campaign, research, support and legislation.

8. Pam’s House Blend
Pam Spaulding created this site in 2004 originally as out outlet to blow off steam regarding the election and how certain issues would affect her life as a lesbian. She soon realized that people from all over were taking the time to read her blog and comment on her posts. From there she said it became clear that blogging about issues concerning the LBGT community would give her readers insight into the gay rights in America. She also has a team of “guest baristas”who help contribute to the site as well.

9. Queers United
Queers United’s mission is to unite LGBT, queer, intersexual and asexual communities to provide education and activism for issues facing these minorities. Through their posts, they offer a voice for minorities and push for equality across the board.

10. Benny’s Blog
Benny Hazlehurst is a Reverend in the Church of England. Against opposition and controversially, he is also a Christian who welcomes and blesses homosexual relationships. He and his wife, Mel, believe that God has a place for everyone. Find great information on what he considers a radically inclusive Christian blog.