Healing and Deliverance According to the Bible

When we hear the word deliverance, we tend to associate it with “deliverance from evil”. Our Lord’s prayer includes this in the last line – we ask him to deliver us from all evil as we pray every day. Christian deliverance refers to God rescuing his children not just from demonic and satanic possession, but from bondage, oppression, hardship and temptation as well. We talk of various forms of deliverance:

  • Spiritual: All Christians must believe in the uniqueness of God as the only divine being and desist from worshipping or even acknowledging the existence of any other form of divinity.
  • Social: It is important that we remember God in all our social activities and avoid taking part in anything that detracts from His greatness and from the teachings of the Holy Bible.
  • Physical: This refers to the exorcism of not just demons and other evil forms from the physical body, but also deliverance from our attachment to our bodies. We must not be so caught up in the way we look that we forget to worship God with all the devotion that the deed requires.
  • Material: When we become attached and addicted to material possessions, it makes it that much harder to reach God and become one with him. We are so focused on amassing wealth and retaining it that we forget to offer thanks and praise the Lord for his goodness.

Most of all, we need deliverance from ignorance and sin – the first for all that we do unknowingly that is against the teachings in the Bible, and the second for all that we knowingly do just because we are overcome by lust and temptation for worldly and hedonistic pleasures.

Healing takes place when you truly repent for your transgressions and come back to the path of truth and follow the will of God. You must also give up all forms of temptations and dissociate yourself from situations that lead you to sin, knowingly or unknowingly. And most important of all, you must pray to God and ask him to guide you as you go through this deliverance and healing process and enable you to keep to the straight and narrow path.

Biblical deliverance and healing allow you to walk with God and abide in the teachings of Christ his son.