Salary Information for Theology Degrees

Are you interested in getting a theology degree? If so, you can pursue any number of career fields, from working as an ordained religious leader to working in an education role to becoming a missionary. Although salary may be secondary to doing what you feel called to do in this field, let’s take a look at the average salaries you can expect if you earn a theology degree.

Educator Salary

One of the most common career paths for theology students is to become educators themselves. This requires at least a masters degree in theology, but most colleges require a doctorate to teach. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, postsecondary religious teachers earned an average of $69,150 annually as of May 2010, with the top ten percent earning six figure salaries. You can earn more as a educator in the theology field by working toward tenure – a position in which you’re given academic freedom to explore topics and are responsible for upper-level courses.

With a theology degree, you can also consider an education position in a religious elementary or secondary school. Most of these private schools require you to have a teaching license and at least a master’s degree, though some hire teachers with just a bachelors degree.

Clergy Salary

Members of the clergy are religious leaders in their communities. This includes both Christian members of the clergy, such as pastors, priests, and ministers, and clergy members from other denominations, such as rabbis. As a member of the clergy, you will earn, on average $48,290 annually. Some earn much, much more by touring to speak in front of large groups or perform other duties, such as presiding over weddings.

Other Religious Workers

In other kinds of religious jobs, such as faith counseling, serving as a missionary, etc., you can expect to earn an average of $32,070 annually. Some positions don’t come attached to a regular salary – for example, as a missionary, you might receive a stipend to cover your living expenses, but nothing else in terms of a salary. Other jobs can be quite lucrative – for example, there are religious personalities who write books and run television shows who earn six-figure salaries. You can also go a more philosophical route and instead of working to promote a single religion, work as a researcher or historian with a focus on the religions of the world.

Guide to Online Theology Degree Programs

Liberty University – The Master of Arts in Religion provides students a strong background in the Bible you can use to serve your community and greater world. The curriculum reviews fundamentals of the Bible, Christianity, and Christian theology and the Christian church. For those that seek advanced study, the Master of Divinity and M.Div. in Theology offer world class experiences in examining your faith.
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Ohio Christian university – The Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry at Ohio Christian University offers students a curriculum honed over 50 years of careful dedication. The program is designed for the working professional. Classes are taken one at a time, and meet once per week. For those students who are called to lead a ministry, the BA in Leadership & Ministry program is where you can begin that journey.
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Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University is a leader in offering powerful, academically charged programs in religion. If you seek a bachelor's degree, the university offers the BA in Christian Studies and BA in Youth Ministry, which provide a college-level introduction to the Bible and basic Christian doctrines and theology. For students with prior experience, the MA programs in Pastoral Ministry and Christian Studies are available.
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