So There is a Higher Being? Top 20 Agnostic Blogs

Agnostics may believe in the Universe, themselves or have faith and hope in humanity. It’s a mind set that allows you to explore your options at your own pace and take heavy religious claims with a grain of salt. Here are the top agnostic blogs for questioning faith, as well as those who have none.

Top Agnostic Blogs

Learning about a higher being and questioning religion is practically in the blood of writers of these fantastic agnostic blogs.


    1. Agnostic Universe This site compares various religions to see what adds up and what doesn’t. There’s also great posts over Christianity’s role in the development of the modern world.

    2. Religion Dispatches This site examines religion and agnostic points of views and how they compare to each other when it comes to major issues such as healthcare and gay rights.

    3. The Agnostic’s Wife This former Christian takes a look at life from an agnostic mom’s perspective and has the knowledge of her prior faith to back up claims for non-believers.

    4. Memoirs of an Ex-Christian This blogger talks about his upbringing as a Christian and analyzes the ways of those who are good to each other in the name of God. He also talks about what it’s like to move past your religion and no longer let it be apart of who you are.

    5. Rapture Nutballs This blogger analyzes the world’s hardships and struggles and where religion and this supposed God fits in to place.

    6. Slapdash Gal This former Christian is now reassessing life with a fresh perspective that isn’t driven by religion, but instead, faith.

    7. A Complicated Salvation Sometimes figuring out what guides you in life isn’t easy. This agnostic site talks about the differences between believing for the right reasons and believing because you’re too afraid not to .

    8. Blinders Off We adore this agnostic blog because the writer is candid about her history as a Christian and smart enough to share with readers the positivity that can come from cutting phony Christians out of your life when they’re harming you.

    9. De-Conversion This is an awesome agnostic blog because it discusses knowing the difference between right and wrong when you aren’t told what fits into those categories by a god or book.

    10. Debunking Christianity This site picks apart the Bible, one verse at a time. It also touches on why things like prayer work, since it really is mind over matter.

    11. Freedom From Religion Foundation This organization is where agnostics, skeptics and freethinkers meet to learn more about the myths and legends put upon them by mainstream society.

    12. Losing My Religion This is a brilliant blog for those questioning religion because it doesn’t totally discount the idea of a higher being and instead, looks for the points within major religions that are actually useful for daily life.

    13. The Secular Outpost This blog analyzes the idea of a God so you don’t have to! If you’re wondering what the other possibilities are for a higher being, this site has plenty of food for thought.

    14. Seeking a Little Truth Get lighthearted agnostic and atheist humor from this blog that regularly posts comics on the subjects.

    15. Agnostic Mom Unfortunately this blog no longer updates, which is too bad because it’s among our favorite agnostic blogs. It talks about raising a family sans religion and still turning out with kids that are a-OK when it comes to decision making.

More Agnostic Blogs

There’s nothing wrong with questioning your faith or learning more about religions from different cultures to enhance your own spirituality. Learn from these agnostic bloggers.

    16. Irreligious This site aims at debunking Christianity and looking at things for what they really are versus what we perceive them to be based on the religious notions that many grown up with.

    17. Unreasonable Faith This site is for skeptics and anyone who questions religious beliefs that simply don’t add up when applied to the real world.

    18. Science & the Sacred At this blog, science and religion cross paths, making for interesting posts over specific events in the Bible.

    19. Tough Questions Answered This blog is penned by evangelicals, but it welcomes non-believers and skeptics, which makes for insightful debate over government and religious issues that are usually discussed by one side only.

    20. Why I Left Christianity This blogger describes her leaving a Christian church and making her way through the world as a freethinker. The blogger is an atheist, but the site is a great read for agnostics or anyone questioning their faith.

Most agnostics are always willing to learn more about religions and the place they have in modern society. Without committing themselves to a certain belief system, agnostics are able to enhance their well-being and personal growth by pulling from different religions and constantly questioning the idea of an all mighty God.