The Truth About Spirituality and Prayer

Many of us discover the path to spirituality when we reach a certain age; youth and spirituality are not usually associated together. But prayer is a different thing – we are taught to pray right from the time we’re old enough to talk. I remember kneeling by the side of my bed and repeating after my mother for a while before I was old enough to pray on my own. It was only a list of childish requests at the time, but as I grew older, prayer was my way of communicating with God as I would with a friend.

The surprising thing about prayer is that not many people associate it with spirituality. For them, prayer is just another thing that you do every day. You need to be exceptionally spiritual in order to pray. Most of us pray without realizing that we are praying, but this kind of prayer is mostly demanding – we ask God for the things we want; we ask him to save us from difficult situations; and we seek miracles when we know there is no way out.

When you’re spiritual, you understand that prayer is more than just a list of demands for God to satisfy; rather, it is your way of reaching out to God. When you are spiritual, you pray not only for yourself but for the people you love and care about. You remember the world and seek solutions for its problems in your prayer. And most important of all, you never fail to give thanks for the abundant blessings that God has showered on you when you pray.

Spirituality brings you closer to God and you’re able to understand his ways, however mysterious they may be. You don’t question his actions and ask why; rather, you accept his wish and ask for the strength and wisdom to get past the difficult period. You don’t rant and rave at God when trouble besets you and you don’t bargain with God to get what you want. Instead, you work hard to keep your head above trouble and do the things you’re supposed to do to get what you want instead of relying on prayer alone.

When you become spiritual, you’re more at peace with yourself and those around you. You don’t react with negative emotions instinctively every time you’re riled. And you become more mature and wise because of your insight into who you are and your close connection with God.