Top 20 Hindu Culture Blogs

Hinduism is one of the five major religions, but it embodies a philosophy we can all learn from. Hinduism is the third most popular religion and has over a billion followers in India alone. It isn’t about blocking all negative energy that enters your life. It’s about accepting things for what they are and knowing you’re able to rise to the occasion when the tough times hit. Here are the top blogs for learning about Hindu culture, from weddings to meditation.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About Hinduism

These blogs will teach you the basics of Hinduism and give you insight on this ancient culture.

  1. Hindu Devotional Blog This blog is devoted to Hindu mantras. Whether you already practice this religion or you’re just looking for uplifting quotes that will shift your mind set to a more positive place this blog is for you. It also covers Hindu events and landmarks that those devoted to the religion will enjoy visiting or just learning about.
  2. Hindupad This blog gives you the lowdown on famous poets, temples and the main principles of Hinduism. This blog is a fantastic resource for those who know the 101 on Hinduism and are looking to learn more such as the four Vedas. On the right hand side, you’ll also find a list of Hindu festivals.
  3. About Hinduisum This About blog covers all things Hinduism. This is one of our favorite blogs to learn about Hinduism because the writer has a knack for covering heavy topics (such as whether heaven and hell exist) with ease that lets you contemplate the subject in a fulfilling, never a frightening, way.
  4. Hindu Blog This site gives you a closer look at Hinduism. It talks in-depth about various saints and offers teachings and words of wisdom from some of the most famous gurus. For those who are practicing Hindus, it tells you how to practice fasting and which day of the week belongs to each Hindu god.
  5. Life Giving Mantras Hinduism is all about the mantras. The idea is that the more often you repeat a mantra, the easier it will be for that way of living to become natural for you. This blog has a lengthy supply of mantras that will help you with chants and prayers.
  6. Gyan Rajhans This longtime Internet and radio personality shares his thoughts on Hinduism and gives newbies great insight on some of the principles and philosophies. The topics covered include approaching God as a friend and what it means to be a true friend to another human being, how (and why) to repent and how to get your ego in check in modern society.
  7. Bhajanawali This Vedic webcast has been in production since 1999. Check the archives for loads of information over Hinduism and a plethora of webshows that can be listened to at your leisure. This site is for those who have a solid understanding of Hinduism, as the topics and lingo used advanced for those who only know the basics of the religion.
  8. Dharma Deen The writers at this blog cover Hinduism and the Muslim religion respectively. Comparing the similarities and differences between these two major religions and shows you how to find your path using the best of both worlds. The duo also touch on modern topics such as women studying priesthood and women’s empowerment in Middle Eastern and South Asian socities
  9. Wisdom From Sri Sri Ravi Shankar This guru shares his words of wisdom on everything from happiness to reincarnation. He also talks about the importance of balance and the fine line between letting go of what we can’t control and taking responsibility for the things we can.

Hindu Tradition and Culture Websites

These blogs give a further understanding of the Hindu culture. From the elaborate wedding ceremonies to tips on practicing Hinduism in the Western world, these Hindu culture blogs will give you an insider’s look at the new and old ways of this religion.

  1. Om Etc. This blog focuses on utilizing Hinduism for its philosophy and principles versus worship. This site touches on Vedic astrology, legends and how to start meditating. It also touches on the fusion between some Hidu practices and modern Western living, like yoga.
  2. Western Hindu This blog shows you how to take a Western approach to Hinduism. In the fast-paced world of modern America it can be tough to get a handle on meditating and embracing love and constant positive energy. This blogger shows you how to implement the Hindu philosophy when you’re accustomed to Western living.
  3. The White Hindu This Hindu blog is penned by a Western woman on her journey and chronicles the difficult and easy parts of making the transition. She is married to an Indian man and shares her tips for making God a constant presence in your life using Hindu methods.
  4. The Hindu Blog Since 2008, this site has provided those who hope to learn more about Hinduism with concise blog posts explaining the various gods, gurus and special dates. This is a fantastic resource for those who are starting their journey with Hinduism and want to find out about key figures.
  5. The Hindu If you want a taste of modern Hindu culture in India, this site gives you all of the news straight from the source. This is the online home of the largest newspaper in India and gives you a look at the role of religion in Indian society.
  6. Hinduism Today This site strives to be the voice of the modern Hindu. It talks about the history of Hinduism and upholding the beliefs and values in today’s society. We love this blog because it merges ancient practices with modern practices for a healthy balance.
  7. Hindu Deities Learn about the Hindu deities from the pros. For those looking for a fairly simple explanation on the Hindu deities, this blog is a great resource because it explains things in a way that’s easy to understand even without a hefty background in the religion.
  8. Religion Facts – Hinduism This site gives you a brief, yet informative look at Hinduism. It discusses karma and the purpose of life with extensive sections on each. It also questions the polytheistic qualities of Hinduism.
  9. Mailer India For a thorough look at living life as a Hindu, look to this website. There’s practically a step-by-step for those who are learning about Hinduism for the first time. For those who have been practicing for awhile, it will give you a refresher on how to make live in the moment each day and keep your life balanced.
  10. Wedding Zone A Hindu wedding carries rich tradition and elaborate events. At this blog you’ll learn everything that happens at the classic Hindu wedding ceremony. It’s a series of mantras, symbols and vows that create a loving ceremony the bride and groom will carry for the rest of their lives.
  11. Silent Motion Yoga We love this Hindu blog for it’s personal edge. The blogger is eager to share the principles of Hinduism such as gratitude and specific philosophers that embody the essence of this ancient belief system.

Practicing Hinduism involves feeling the light of one’s self in tune with the light of the planet and God. It is a philosophy that allows love to grow and prosper emotionally, regardless of the difficult times life throws your way. In the Western world, this thought process can be useful as we try our best to keep up with the hustle and bustle of life. These top Hindu culture blogs will show you how to implement the religion into every day modern living.