Top 20 Judaism Blogs

Judaism is a major religion with millions of followers all over the world. The traditions and customs in Judaism is deep-rooted in history. Most of these Jewish blogs cover the religion from an Orthodox point of view, since this is a great starting point for those beginning to explore this belief system.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About Judaism

If you’re looking for how to bake the perfect challah or how to properly observe a Jewish holiday, these blogs give you the 101 on Judaism.

  1. About Judaism For those who want a look at Jewish beliefs and customs, this About blog is a fantastic place to start. The blogger goes over the basics, plus provides an in-depth look at the food and holidays in the Jewish culture.
  2. Something Jewish This Jewish blog discusses education on Jewish culture and has ample sections over how to meet fellow Jewish singles and tips for cooking kosher for your family. There are also links to Jewish festivals and activities in the UK.
  3. Jewish Leadership Blog At this blog, the writer examines news stories and receives letters from those looking for a Jewish perspective. It is a great blog for those interested in taking a Jewish approach to modern living. This blog is best suited for those who know the basics of Jewish belief because it refers to the Torah and key Jewish figures.
  4. Jewish Heritage Travel Take a look at the holy land through the eyes of this blogger. There’s also a lengthy list of festivals taking place this summer throughout Europe. Sprinkled throughout the blog are also a few history lessons on the Jewish faith.
  5. Joyous Judaism For some holidays, you may need a little help to get your family excited about Jewish traditions. This blog shows you how to interject a little fun into these time-honored traditions and make them feel part of your family in modern life. This is a great blog for Jewish moms or families that have one Jewish parent eager to pass on their heritage.
  6. Yourish This former religious school teacher turned web developer sounds off living as a modern Jewish woman in America. We love the blog because it’s honest and the writer is never afraid to discuss touchy subjects and always does so in an eloquent manner.
  7. Tracing the Tribe This blog focuses on the genealogical side of Judaism. If you’re of Jewish descent and hope to find your roots, this site is the place to be. It’s well-organized and is packed with resources to aide your research.
  8. Jewschool Read how rabbis and Jewish academia is influencing the state of American schools as a whole. This is a great read for Jewish educators or parents looking to implement Jewish lessons into homeschooling.
  9. Jews in Green This blog is dedicated to Jewish men and women serving our country. It also looks at those who’ve served in the military around the globe for the past few decades. There are even tips on cooking kosher when you’re on an army base!

Judaism Culture Blogs and Forums

Get insight on Jewish culture and living from these blogs and forums. If you’re converting or looking to practice Judaism once again, these blogs give you a solid look at the Jewish faith in modern times.

  1. Jewlicious Is being a Jew cool? This blog definitely thinks so and showcases Jew sightings throughout pop culture. If you think Judaism doesn’t get enough air time, this blog will quickly prove you wrong. Judaism Culture Blogs and Forums get insight on Jewish culture and living from these blogs and forums. If you’re converting or looking to practice Judaism once again, these blogs give you a solid look at the Jewish faith in modern times.
  2. Jewish Refugees Over the past 50 years, Jewish people have been shifted around parts of Europe. This blog chronicles that journey and shows the communities that were once full of Jewish traditions. This blog is well-written and is a smart read for those looking to learn about the dark journey of Jewish refugees in recent years.
  3. Jew FAQ For those who are learning about the Jewish faith, this blog provides an endless supply of information if you’re starting from scratch. It talks basic beliefs, holidays, kosher laws and the correct pronunciation of Hebrew words.
  4. Sacred Texts This site gives you the key Jewish texts from the Torah. This site is brilliant because it breaks up lesson and texts according to their complexity. It also shows you which texts are ideal for beginners and has links to modern explanations of ancient words.
  5. J Hate This blog chronicles examples of Jewish hate in the media and beyond, as well as how the crime is dealt with by authorities. It is a must-read for those who aren’t aware of the prejudice that still exists against people of the Jewish faith.
  6. Shamash We love this Jewish blog because it has an extensive list of links that lead you to informative sites over Judaism. Check out the links for finding Jewish organizations in your area if you’re in the United States.
  7. Torah This blog is ideal for those who have a hefty background in Judaism and want to enrich their religions endeavors. Updated numerous times per week, this Jewish blog goes over text, which Jewish laws are upheld by most modern Jews and how to repent.
  8. Belief Net – Judaism This site has a few Jewish blogs within it, giving you the perspective of a mom, a rabbi and more. There’s a quote a day, plus interviews with rabbis over topics like fear and living in the moment.
  9. Aish This Jewish site discusses the history of Judaism in-depth and how those history lessons relate to modern Jews. This blog is worth exploring because it merges the old and the new, reminding us to never forget our history when moving forward with our faith.
  10. Patheos Learn about Jewish rituals in the church and home, the origins of the religion and get a thorough explanation on the Hebrew texts. This site is a fabulous resource for learning about various religions and their content over Judaism goes beyond the basics.
  11. Jewish Wedding Rabbi Get the scoop on everything the traditional Jewish wedding has. From creating the perfect wedding canopy to breaking the glass, this blog is packed with information on the traditions for the typical Jewish wedding.

Learning about Judaism can seem daunting, but like many of the other major religions, it has key principles and practices that will help you get a handle on your busy modern lifestyle. If you’re converting to Judaism or looking to brush up on your history, these blogs provide resources that allow you to learn at your own pace.