Top 20 Web Forums: Creationism vs. Evolution

The debate of creationism versus evolution is a tale as old as time (regardless of which history you believe). There’s a fine line between debating and just plain arguing, but these blogs do a fantastic job of explaining their respective beliefs. Keep in mind that religion is never an easy subject, so be prepared for strong opinions and lively comments sections.

Top Creationism Blogs

Creationism is the belief that the universe was created by God. This is usually God in the Christian sense and has such a strong hold in some regions in the U.S. that it prevents evolution from being taught in our public schools.

  1. The New Creationism This is a thought provoking blog because it looks at creationism from a new perspective, implement scientific theories alongside Biblical beliefs. The author is never aggressive, which makes the content worth a read because it just may surprise you.
  2. Old Earth Creationism This blog is a mix of posts and pod casts. At this site you’ll find creationism beliefs and theories, as well as the various ways to implement these into home school lessons for your children.
  3. The American Scientific Association This interesting blog is packed with information Christianity and science and where the two worlds collide. This blog is ideal for those living a Christian lifestyle, but want answers on some of the amazing research and developments in modern science.
  4. Creation Science This blog goes against typical creationism and instead, believes that the planet was created over the course of a billion years by the same Christian God creationists worship. With over 1500 articles, it’s a Christian-based science blog that will keep you busy for hours.
  5. Bible Places This blog studies the history of archeology along with Christianity’s place in the mix. It is a very interesting site, especially for those looking for hard evidence of Biblical landmarks mentioned throughout the Old and New Testaments.
  6. Bible Interp Read about archeological places from the Bible and the gaps that occur between standard Christian beliefs and modern science. Just as the title suggests, it’s all in how you interpret it that will sway you to one side or the other.
  7. The Geo Christian Science and Christianity duke it out at this blog. The blogger’s goal is to show how the two can co-exist, if we can only open our minds. It even breaks down how Christ rose from the dead from a Christian and scientific perspective. Wrap your mind around that!
  8. Wonder of Creation This blogger strongly advocates creationism and gives stunning examples of it all around us. The mix of images and scripture are inspiring and will make you think about Christianity’s roots.
  9. God and Science This blog is packed with reasons for creationism and delves into deeper issues like abortion and common atheist myths. No matter what you believe, the writers of this blog are adamant about their stance and have the scripture and examples to back up their beliefs.

    Top Evolution Blogs

    Evolution blogs are rampant with enthusiastic writers and guests because it’s a subject that’s seldom discussed in public. The Internet gives us a place to air our thoughts and learn the truth behind evolution.

  10. Science Blogs – Evolution Blog This is a fantastic blog for educators and parents to read because it discusses the ongoing debate of evolution and creationism in the classroom. If there’s news about what’s being taught where and why, you’ll find it here first.
  11. Panda’s Thumb There are blogs that preach evolution, but don’t go into detail on how evolution theories and news continue to be released by scientists. This blog talks about new discoveries that prove evolution is true and talks about the origin of many things, including writing and language as we know it today.
  12. The Rough Guide to Evolution Based on a book by the same name, this blog talks about evolution and the wild ride nature took to develop us as human beings. It’s a fantastic read for those who want an approachable look at evolution.
  13. The Beagle Project This site belongs to an evolution charity that’s promoting the scientific facts for a Darwin workshop. We love it because it gives information on Charles Darwin, a man with whom most of us are familiar with his ideas, but not who he was as a person.
  14. Discover Magazine This online science magazine is big on evolution and has a section devoted to human origin. For those already familiar with evolution, this site is a fantastic read because it examines the ever-evolving theories on humans and the brain.
  15. Evolution News Hardcore science lovers will adore this blog that’s chock full of information on evolution and the new theories scientists are proposing. You might be surprised to find out that the discoveries scientists are making with organisms may not exactly support Darwin’s theory.
  16. Evolution Blog Is there a natural order to things? This blog asks the tough questions and gives profiles on scientists and philosophers aside from Darwin. This blog is a must-read for those with scientific backgrounds or an interest in evolution from a historical point of view.
  17. The Tree of Life This blog touches on evolution from a more in-depth place than most science blogs. It also has plenty of other general science news, including fun stuff like the 23 million dollar book on Amazon about bugs.
  18. Evilutionary Biologist This blog isn’t exclusively about evolution, but it talks about organism development in a profound manner that only a scientist can explain. The great thing about the blog is even though a scientist does write it, it’s easy to understand for those of us who are less inclined.
  19. Evolution List This college professor discusses his thoughts on evolution and the constant stream of information coming out of the scientific community that proves it to be true. We especially enjoyed the post over evolution and free will and whether it truly exists.
  20. Why Evolution is True This professor wrote a book by the same name and at his blog shares his thoughts on evolution. He is also an expert at picking apart anti-evolution articles and pointing out the holes that many creationists leave when attempting to explain their beliefs.
  21. No matter what you believe, reading both sides of the coin only makes you a more knowledgeable individual. Respect the beliefs of others and they’ll do the same for you, especially if you have a bit of knowledge on their religion and why they believe the things that they do. The debate of creationism vs. evolution will tread on, but it’s important to keep yourself abreast of any new developments so you’re always in a position to make the best choice for you.